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1. Housing, affordable for all.  The city adopted a policy to address some of the housing needs of those most in need.  And while that is good, we have to address the "missing middle" in Lawrence. Our home market has priced out many families who want to "Live, Work, and Play" in Lawrence.

2. Maintain city/county governing independence.  I will always seek to further develop cooperative public/public and public/private agreements in the spirit of more effective government.  I've studied city/county consolidations, and Lawrence and Douglas county are not yet to the crisis climate needed for full consolidation.  

3. Policies that encourage a stronger downtown.  Our city policies should encourage expansion of primary and professional jobs located in downtown, provide for greater economic viability, and ensure that our downtown remains unique, vibrant, and ours.

"Rob Sands for Lawrence will only reference Rob's military rank and service history as appropriate.  This does not infer endorsement by the Department of Defense or the Department of the Army."

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