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Q. Why are you running for city commission?

A. This is the question I get most often!  The short answer is: lots of reasons.  I believe I have the education, experience, and leadership that we need to build on the successes of our community.  I want more people to get engaged in city processes, and I recognize that it starts with me. 

Q. What’s your platform?  What do you think are the issues we should care about?

A.  Well, I’d like to hear what issues are important to you in our city, but sure!  I believe that the city needs to adopt policies that make housing affordable for more people.  Our home values are sharply increasing, and those are both a symptom and a cause.  Second, our city and county governments should always seek to develop cooperative agreements that improve effectiveness of services, but we are not yet at the crisis environment where full city/county governmental consolidation should merge.  Finally, I want to set conditions to bring more jobs to our downtown, and projects that strengthen it.  I’ll be making some videos and Facebook posts that expand on each of these soon.

Q. Do you really think your military leadership will translate to the city commission?

A. Actually, I do!  For most of my career, I’ve had to make decisions between equally important and competing values.  Do we work longer and harder to accomplish a mission early or give our Soldiers a rest?  Which maintenance tasks should we devote our time and resources towards?  How do I divide limited resources, by performance, need, or equity?  I’m no stranger to having to make these hard decisions. 

Q.  Okay, what do you need from me?

A.  That’s pretty easy, actually!  At a minimum, communicate with us on my campaign’s Facebook page (  Tell me how we can improve our city, tell me what’s important to you.  Share the page and posts with your friends.  Shoot me an email at, request a yard sign, and…donate!  In order for me to get the word out to more people, I depend on so many people to make that commitment.  

"Rob Sands for Lawrence will only reference Rob's military rank and service history as appropriate.  This does not infer endorsement by the Department of Defense or the Department of the Army."

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